Sander Navy

A tradition of excellence.

All our expertise for naval and submarine missions.

The high-tech work environment and the complex nature of naval missions demand for an extremely reliable and safe technology on board of naval and patrol vessels, and submarines. Our engineers focus on the components’ particular tasks with all their expertise.

About Sander Navy

SANDER NAVY has been the established manufacturer of high quality bronze naval and submarine valves for more than 25 years. Our headquarters are in Bremen, Germany.

We supply a wide variety of manual and remote controlled valves, actuators, control cabinets, power units, and visualisation systems. You will find our products in critical and essential systems onboard many vessel types ranging from coastguard to patrol vessels, submarines, air craft carriers, and destroyers worldwide.

Naval and patrol vessels often require equipment based on special design and testing procedures. Development of these as well as considerations in close cooperation with clients are natural parts of our daily business.


When it comes to engineering and supply of naval equipment, no compromise is acceptable concerning quality and reliability. Our components have been field-tested by customers worldwide and are approved by the major classification societies.

In order to ensure strictest quality standards we offer extensive testing procedures on demand:

  • Shock resistance
  • Noise and vibration tests
  • Antistatic tests
  • Acceptance and function
  • Pressure tests
  • Material inspection
  • X-ray
  • dye penetrant testing

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