Building supply fittings

Building supply fittings

We can offer you the following high quality equipment for fire fighting acc. to DIN:

Of course you can get also landing valves acc. to DIN 14461, couplings, branchpipes, monitors, nozzles und fitting for supply of water for fire-fighting.
All building supply fittings are available with all coupling systems.

Landing valve DIN 14461-5

dry riser mains equipment

Our line connection fixture is a water fixture with a C-outlet and a screw fitting for "dry" connection to the rising main.

• More safety
• Misuse is prevented
• A reliable fixture

Only fire brigade personnel opens and closes the fixture using the lever blade of his axe or a hydrant wrench. The labelling of the operational positions "open" and "close" are clearly visible. Water damage caused by unauthorised opening, as is possible with conventional hose closure valves, is rendered impossible.
The large flow diameter of the ball valve hose connection fixture makes large-volumen water use possible without pressure drops and, in an emergency, provides for water supply to two storeys from a single hose connection fixture.

Building supply fitting DIN 14461-4

dry riser mains equipment

Our building supply fitting is a water fixture with 2 B-inputs for "dry" connection to the rising fire main.
They must be installed in multi-storey buildings, so that the fire brigade can get more water to the fire focus in an emergency.
The water is pumped "dry" through the two B-inputs of the feed fixture into the rising fire main. The fixture is fitted with springloaded reflux valves. After use, 100% emptying of the fixture and rising main is ensured to prevent damage from freezing water. If the feed fixture is not the lowest point in the rising main, emptying must be possible at the lowest point.

Our building supply fittings are available in following designs:

  • hanging / hanging with straight inlet
    with ball valve and pipe for draining
  • standing / standing wiit straight inlet
  • Berlin-type (with cover cap out of light alloy)

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