Control & monitoring

Monitor. Manage. Interlock.

SANSYS: Control and monitoring systems

SANDER MARINE's automation tool SANSYS is the crew’s interface to SANCONTROL remote control valve system, SANVALUE tank level gauging, SAN FUEL bunker alarm and SANHEEL anti-heeling systems.

Tailor-made. Flexible. Type-approved.
With SANSYS control and monitoring system on board you are in full control over the process: Tanks are filled or discharged, valves and pumps are working precisely, information is provided about tank contents, temperatures and pressures. The system is designed for remote control of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrically operated valves as well as for pumps used in ballast, bilge, fuel oil, and liquid cargo systems.

3 perfect-fit system packages:

  • SANSYS Pro: Cost efficient, hardwired. Optional Modbus interface to IAS.
  • SANSYS Chief: Additional PLC control of connected systems. SANVISU visualization.
  • SANSYS Master: Additional redundancy. Customizable hardware. SANVISU visualization.

Good reasons to choose SANSYS

  • Prevent faulty operation and braakdown caused by human errors.
  • Protect your investment: SANSYS provides universal redundancy and network redundance. The system works even in case of disconnection or collapse of main components.
  • SANSYS communicates with other systems such as anti-heeling, alarm monitoring system and loading computer.
  • SANSYS components, i.e. computer, monitors, processors and field bus modules are accepted by all of the major classification societies.

Easy. Safe. Reliable.

A simple interface to critical system. All relevant data in view. Efficient and easy to operate for the crew.


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