Since a few years we deliver additional to our valves out of Bronze also valves made of cast iron, nodular cast iron and cast steel with innerparts made of bronze or stainless steel for pipes from DN 15 up to DN 300.

Our valves are available as stop valves, as screw-down stop and check valve, as check valve in straight and angle type with flanges acc. to DIN, ANSI or JIS.

You can also order our valves in the following designs:
• with regulate disc
• with balanced disc
• with indicator
• with drain plug
• with limit switches
• with electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators

Furthermore you can also order our valves out of cast iron, nodular cast iron and cast steel as strainer, outboard valves, safety valves, quick closing and quick opening valves or pressure reducing valves.

All valves, which are operated with handwheel, are able to get an electrical, pneumatic of hydraulic actuator.
Also we can offer you our mechanical remote controls (e.g. chain wheels) for valves, which cannot directly be handled by the operators.

We are able to offer you our products in a variety of designs.

Here you will find a selection of other valves:

Stop valves / SDNR-valves, flanged
straight type + angle type + Y-type:

  • with bolted bonnet DIN 86251
  • with bolted bonnet DIN 86260
  • with bolted bonnet, short type
  • with bolted bonnet, with bellow
  • pneumatic valve, double acting
  • pneumatic valve, spring loaded
  • with bolted bonnet, Y-type
  • with bolted bonnet type 1270/1271 + LK
  • with screwed bonnet of Ms 58
  • with screwed bonnet and secured bonnet
  • with screwed bonnet and secured bonnet, disc and seat ring material stainless steel
  • with screwed bonnet and secured bonnet, disc sealing material PTFE  

Valve, screwed ends with screwed bonnet:

  • Valve, screwed ends, straight type
  • Valve, screwed ends, straight type DIN 3844/2, bonnet material Ms 58
  • Valve, screwed ends, straight type, with secured bonnet
  • Valve, screwed ends, angle type, with secured bonnet

You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?

Please ask us !  We are pleased to help you.


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... also available:

Stop valves DN 400 / DN 600
angle type
Nodular cast iron with innerparts stainless steel

Stop valve BGV 314212 with drain,
gunmetal / special brass

for shut-off and drainage of waterpipes, e.g. at holiday home.

Ask us for more information !

Hydraulic-SDNR-Valve angle type
single-acting, closed by spring
temp. submerged
with hand override
Rg 5 / CuSn 6

Many designs are possible - ask us !

Hydraulic-SDNR-Valve angle type
single-acting, closed by spring
with 2 limit switches open/close
with electro-hydraulic pressure unit
directly assambled
with quickcoupling for emergency handpump
GS-C25/stainless steel

Many designs are possible - Ask us !