Remote valve control

Safe operation even in the harshest conditions

SANCONTROL: Remote control valve system

The SANCONTROL remote control valve system (RCVS) directs the transport of fluids (ballast or bilge water, fuel oil, cargo etc.) onboard a ship. Valves are opened or closed by SANTORQUE hydraulic and electro-hydraulic as well as pneumatic or electric actuators. Limit switches (open/close) or positioners (0-100% open) report the valve's status back to the RCVS.

SANCONTROL handles ambitious operating conditions easily:

  • Open deck -55°C to engine room +55°C
  • Hazardous atmosphere
  • Submerged IP68 installation in a tank possible

Uncompromising safety and easy operation

Depending on class requirements, valves can be equipped with emergency operation via hand wheel or hand pump and/or include a failsafe self-closing / self-opening feature.

Besides valve operation a RCVS regularly allows the operation and monitoring of external pumps or a ballast water treatment system.

The SANSYS control and monitoring system is used to operate the RCVS from the central control cabinet or decentralized locations such as bridge, cargo control room, pump room etc. The status of the RCVS can be visualized with a tabular overview of the valves or a customized graphic display of the complete piping system.

SANCONTROL may be linked to the vessel's integrated automation system (IAS) or alarm monitoring system (AMS) by wiring or bus interface.

Full control at any time

SANCONTROL RCVS is accepted by all major class societies, such as DNV, LR, BV, RMRS etc.

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