Gate valves

Gate valves

Gate valves are used for shut up the complete flow of medium in a pipeline. They are not suitable for regulation of flows.

Our gate valves are designed with non rising stem, with indicator and are metallic sealed.

As a manufacturer we are able to produce our valves in many various designs and executions and for many various range of application.
Particularly suitable for extreme working conditions in strong corrosive areas in seawater or offshore plants are our gate valves made of copper-aluminium-alloys (CuAl10Ni).

Additonal our gate valves are suitable for speed-log-systems (see picture right).
For this application the bore are full drilled and the valves get a bonnet with pipe leading.

Product features:
• with flanges
• with screwed ends
• with indicator
• nominal diameter from DN 15 up to DN 700
• nominal pressure from PN16
• temperature range up to 300°C
• materials:
   gunmetal Rg 5, Rg 10, Gbz 10, CuAl10Ni, nodular cast iron, cast steel
• acc. to DIN 3352 T2 (with flanges)
• acc. to DIN 3352 T12 (with screwed ends)
• acc. to BGV 401422 / BGV 401522
• acc. to DIN 86259 very light serie
• acc. to DIN 86720
• acc. to VG 85060

Our gate valves are also available in following designs:
• with limit switches
• with drain plug
• with various flange dimensions
• with various thread
• with hydraulic actuator, also with
   electro-hydraulic Local-Power-Unit (LPU)
• with electrical actuator
• with mechanical remote control (z.B. chain wheel)
• with O-ring-sealing at the stem for not vertical installation

You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?

Please ask us !  We are pleased to help you.


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... also available:

Gate valve, flanged DIN 3352 T2 PN10 DN 150
with full bore Ø = 150 mm
with bonnet for sensor with pipe leading
with indicator
with NBR-O-ring sealing
screws material stainless steel
one flange PN16
other flange PN16 with threaded holes
Material: Rg 5 / CuSn 6 / Rg 5

Many further designs are possible .... ask us !

Gate valve ANSI Class 150 DN 150
face to face length acc. to ANSI B16.10
flanges ANSI 150 lbs rf
with hydraulic linear actuator
SHLAG/DA 2020 150/162
and proximity switches
material: cast steel / stainless steel

Many further designs are possible .... ask us !