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 Storm valves (369 KB)


..... also available:

Picture of storm valve type HNA with fixing device, made of gunmetal

Storm valve type HNA Form B with fixing device

Material: gunmetal


further designs are possible ....  please ask us !

Bild einer Flanschen-Rückschlagklappe DIN 87101 aus Rotguss

Storm valve DN 100

DIN 87101 Form B PN 1

with fixing device

Flanges PN10

Material: Rg 5/Rg 5


further designs are possible ....  please ask us !

Storm valves

DIN 87101 + HNA

Storm valves are used in sanitary discharge pipelines on ships and are suitable for temperatures up to 80°C.

They are back balanced and soft-seated.


Our storm valves are approved from the international classification societies.


Sie erhalten unsere Flanschen-Rückschlagklappen in folgenden Ausführungen:

• in straight type | DIN 87101
• in angle type | Type HNA

• without fixing device Form A

• with fixing device Form B

• nominal diamieters DN 50/80 up to DN 200/250

• with flanges acc. to DIN, optional drilled acc. to ANSI or JIS

• in gunmetal

• in cast steel or nodular cast iron with flap material gunmetal or AlBz

You are searching for furthermore designs, different material, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


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