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 Pneumatic valves (746 KB)


..... also available:

Pneumatic valve PN 6 angle type DN 300

open by spring

with emergency hand operation

with 2 limit switches

gunmetal / stainless steel


special designs are possible -  ask us !

Pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valve with emergency hand operation and two limit switches

Our pneumatic valves with their space saving design are solidly constructed with short height and easy emergency hand operation.


The valves are available in:

• nodular cast iron, cast steel and bronze

• from DN 32 up to DN 200

• working pressure from 3 bar uo tp 6 bar

• control air from 7 bar up to 10 bar

• temperature range from

  -10°C up to +80°C

• straight or angle type

• with emergency hand operation

• with 2 limit switches

• single or as Opens internal link in current windowvalve chest

• with flanges acc. to DIN, ANSI or JIS

• suitable for fresh water, oil and



Our pneumatic valves are available generally equipped with two limit switches. They are single acting as spring closed, double acting and spring opened.


You can order our spring closed pneumatic valves in the design:
• as bilge valve with automatically change over device from hand

   operation into pneumatic service from the control desk.

   Especially for passenger ships as required by Lloyd`s Register
• as stop valve with fixed disc
• as combination of a quick closing and a pneumatic valve


You can order our double acting pneumatic valves in the design:
• as stop valve with fixed disc
• as screw-down and check valve with loose disc


You are searching for different materials, nominal sizes, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


Please do not hesitate to  contact us !