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..... also available:

Diaphragm valve VG 85238 type KB
straight type PN 6 DN 100

diaphragm NBR
with position indicator
with crank handle
material: Gbz 10/CuSn 6


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Diaphragm valves

Diaphragm valves are mainly used when cross-contamination has to be avoided. Due to the functional principle of "dead spots", it is guaranteed that the fluid in the vessel will be left residue-free.


Our diaphragm valves are available in

• straight type and angle type

• dimensions from DIN 15 to DIN 200

• with flange connection acc. to DIN 

• with socket connection

• type KB with full bore with rising stem

• with position indicator

• body material gunmetal and bronze

• stem material brass and stainless steel

• diaphragm material EPDM and NBR

• with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator


The flanges alternatively can also be drilled according to ANSI, JIS or BS. The socket design has a standard Whitworth pipe thread and is also available with a NPT thread. 


The diaphragm valves possess the following characteristics: completely cleared of dead spots, glandless and perfectly sealed.


The possible operational use of the diaphragm valves will be determined by the temperature of the chemical resistance of the membrane. The material of the pipes and devices is of major importance.  However, Göpfert is able to produce all types of diaphragm valves for nearly all forms of operational application due to the selection of suitable materials. 


All diaphragm valves are operated by a hand wheel and on request can be operated by means of an electric or pneumatic actuator. If the valve cannot be operated directly or if there is no actuator available, Göpfert is able to offer a special custom-made mechanical remote control version such as e.g. a chain wheel.


Further alternatives are of course possible. Please be free to ask us.

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