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Butterfly valve double flanged type

eccentric PN16 DN 150

with bare shaft

sealing ring: FKM with steel core

with top flange ISO-5211

Flanges PN16

Material: CuAl10 Ni / CuAl10 NI


further designs are possible -  ask us !

Butterfly valves double flanged type

eccentric and double eccentric design

Our soft seated double flanged butterfly valves made of aluminium-bronce are available for extreme working conditions in strong corrosive areas in seawater and offshore plants.

Less erosion and eine high lifetime gain our butterfly valves double-flanged type throught their material and the displaced pivot point of the disc. Through the eccentric resp. double-eccentric design the friction and the mechanical operational demands of the sealing ring will decrease.


A further advantage of our butterfly valves double-flanged type are their small torque.

Due to this fact it is possible to use small acutators and save space and costs.


Our double-flanged butterfly valves are shock approved for the navy shipbuilding.


Advantages our butterfly valves double flanged type:

• less friction at the seat

• less erosion

• higher lifetime

• reduced costs for maintenance

• less default risk


Product features:

• eccentric and double eccentric design

• nominal diameter DN 50 - DN 400

• nominal pressure PN16

• flanges PN16 / PN10 drilled

• soft seated

• sealing rings made of solid rubber and with steel core

• replaceable sealing ring


Furthermore our butterfly valves are available with following actuators for remote operation:

• pneumatic actuators double acting or spring return
• hydraulic actuators, also with electro-hydraulic local-power-unit (LPU)
• electric actuators



You are searching for furthermore designs, different materials, diameters, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


 Please ask us !