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For any standard of valves we supply pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuators. The actuators are available as quarter turn for ball valves and butterfly valves. Also linear or multi turn for globe valves and gate valves. In our workshop we adjust valves to fit existing actuators or actuators to fit existing valves from other suppliers as well. We also supply additional related equipments such as: solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, mounting kits.


  • Electric actuator
  • Hydraulic actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Limit switch
  • Solenoid valves


Linear hydraulic actuators

Our hydraulic linear actuator are for use for valves as stop valve or SDNR valve.

They are designed with fail-safe function, manual operation device and remote override function.


Product features:

• linear actuator

• single acting spring closed

• with manual emergency operation device

• easy manual opening without force

   of spring

• low maintenance

• compact design

• local position indicator

• low costs

• the actuators are produced in Germany

• satisfies all requirements by major

   approval authorities

• chemical nickel plated 35 µm



• electric limit switches IP 68

• electric limit switches Eex, IP 67

• proximity switches IP 68

• position indication by volume indicator

• position indication by pressure switches

• various control blocks

• electro-hydraulic aggregate


Hydraulic part-turn actuators

Our new hydraulic rotary actuators for 90°-quarter turn valves are designed by our own construction department and manufactured on our own. They are build for a long lifetime and maintenance-free operation.


The main advantages are:


• compact design and low weight

• constant torque-output

• modular design allows upgrade

   from hydraulic-acting to spring-acting

   and reverse

• various installation positions

• adjustable rotary limit

• no damage to oil pipes due to

   internal system piping

• same hydraulic connection over whole type series

• same hydraulic-control blocks for all sizes

• combined flanges acc. to ISO 5211

• NAMUR-connection for installation of all common limit switches /

   position indicators

• emergency handoperation through additional handpump

   via quick coupling at the control block

• SHA/DA-32 up to SHA/DA-63 with single piston,

   SHA/DA-70 with double piston


Furthermore our hydraulic actuators are available in following special designs:


• with limit switch boxes: e.g. IP67, IP68, Ex

• spring closed / spring opened

• with emergency handoperation by intermediate gear box

• with application-specific control blocks

• direct connection to hydraulic local power unit

• separate installation of the control block

• operation in medium


You are searching for furthermore designs, working pressures or temperature ranges ?


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