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Valves and control systems for conversion from ULCC to FSO

Ships: TI/FSO ASIA + TI/FSO AFRICA | Owner: Euronav


SANDER MARINE delivered more than 750 hydraulic actuators mounted on high performance valves for process systems on board for the two major conversion projects conducted at Dubai Drydocks in 2008 and 2009. The project was under a very tight time schedule: Time from design to delivery and commissioning of all components and systems was at absolute minimum. SANDER MARINE supported with a team of service engineers to complete the implementation and commissioning of the system. The mission was successful for the first as well the second project.



Remote control and visualisation system for RoLo vessel

Ship: E-Ship 1 | Owner: Enercon

Delivery of the complete valve remote control system, including visualisation for the 12 700 dwt. roll on/lift on vessel with quite extreme design features (four rotating towers for additional propulsion from wind).  Additional automation systems supplied and integrated by SANDER MARINE are: Tank level gauging, draught measurement and anti-heeling system. E-Ship 1 was built in Germany for German owners.


Complete supply of valves and remote control & visualisation system

Ship: Air Craft Carrier, P71 | Owner: Indian Navy

SANDER MARINE has delivered and commissioned the complete package of hydraulically, pneumatically and electrically actuated valves, hull valves, manually operated valves, hydraulic power units, visualisation, and operation of all remote controlled valves for the vessel's management systems. Training of crew was commenced in SANDER MARINE training facilities in Bremen as well as on board.


Valves and control systems for general cargo vessel

Ship: BBC CITRINE | Owner: Reederei W. Bockstiegel

SANDER MARINE supplied: valves, valve remote control & tank measurement system, anti-heeling, and loading calculator.


Valves and remote control system for offshore rig

Ship: FPSO SEVAN VOYAGEUR | Owner: Sevan Marine (Norway)

SANDER MARINE supplied: valves, remote control system for ballast, seawater cooling, fire seawater, cargo and bilge.


Complete valve packages and remote control for 3 Fregates

Ships: 3 Frigates of Sachsen class | Owner: German navy


Supply of purpose-built mud-boxes for 8 navy patrol vessels

Ships: 8 Navy patrol vessels | Owner: Singaporian navy

Delivery of 8 ship sets of bronze mud boxes and strainers to navy patrol vessels under construction for the Singaporean navy. Special considerations and requirements, from the naval architects and navy, required a completely new design. Light weight, slim fit, special installation and service requirements combined with monitoring and switch-over functions generated a new product. Dimensions up to DN400 with high spec. bronze alloy in body and cover, combined with inconel strainer basket will ensure safe and stable operation over long time.


Bronze fire valve with ingrated linear actuator using pressurised fire extinguishing media to automatically open

Ship: Ice breaker

SANDER MARINE was awarded with the complete scope of supply of valves and remote control system for valves and tank gauging system. Late in the project, specifications for the firefighting system were changed and required major modifications of the system and piping to match existing technical solutions available in the market. SANDER MARINE took the challenge and with short lead time, a new tailor-made solution was presented, produced and accepted by the customer.