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Our promise:

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The high-tech work environment and the complex nature of naval missions demand for an extremely reliable and safe technology on board of naval and patrol vessels, and submarines. Our continuity, success and good reputation is built on trust in our staff, processes and products. Naval and patrol vessels often require equipment based on special design and testing procedures, like failure mode analysis and shock testing etc. Materials used in those applications are often more sophisticated and valuable compared to merchant vessel applications. Failure is not an option: naval vessels have to be available at any time, without delay.


SANDER supplies a wide variety of manual and remote controlled valves, actuators, control cabinets, power units, and visualisation systems. You will find our products in critical and essential systems onboard many vessel types ranging from coastguard and patrol vessels, to submarines, air craft carriers and destroyers.


The various applications are typically related to the special needs of each type of vessel: pressure balanced and shock approved sea water intake valves for a submarine, fire and shock approved valves for the fuel system of a destroyer, or tank level gauging system with integrated draft measurement and loading computer.


We deliver worldwide to DIN, NATO, VG, NES and other recognised standards and specifications, including class approval if required. Whether supplied directly from our stock or with a special design and considerations – close cooperation with clients is a natural part of our daily business.

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